Oct 26

Pumpkin Hazelnut Spice Muffins

By Sharon | Happenings

I love when pumpkin season comes around.  Many years ago I found multiple recipes for Pumpkin Hazelnut Spice Muffins and I tried many of them.  One of my issues was the huge amount of sugar in every one of these recipes.  I’ve cut my sugar down since I don’t think breakfast should be loaded with […]

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Oct 21

Preparing Fairytale Pumpkin to Cook With

By Sharon | Tips

This year I read all the descriptions of the variety of pumpkins at Whole Foods and selected a Fairytale Pumpkin for my baking needs.  From research on the internet a Cinderella Pumpkin looks the same but has an orange skin. The Fairytale Pumpkin has more of a tan skin. They are both good for baking. […]

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Oct 06

It’s Fall When the Pumpkins Appear

By Sharon | Recipes

You know it’s Fall when you start to see the amazing varieties of pumpkins appear at the store.  Even in Austin when ours were showing up while the temperatures were still hitting 100+ a day you immediately thought of beautiful Fall days. Usually, I only make pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and most of the time […]

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Oct 03

Fantastic Cookie Cakes in Houston

By Sharon | Review

We attended the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show in Houston on September 17, 2011 and found this gem tucked into the back of the show.  Fortunately, we decided to start with the back row and head towards the front so that we weren’t in line with all the other people entering.  This gave us an […]

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