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Nov 24

High Tea at Patisse in Sydney

By Sharon | Review , Travel

High Tea at Patisse is the last Sunday of each month. Even though I was late in booking my reservation and the web page said they were full, we were fortunate enough to get reservations for Sunday, October 30. We’ve watched Executive Chef Vincent Gadan on Masterchef Australia and the desserts he made were beautiful and sounded so delicious that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go for tea.

Now this isn’t your usual British High Tea with scones and cucumber and egg salad sandwiches. This was a hearty High Tea and I left feeling stuffed and very satisfied. I’m wondering now if this is the way of High Tea in Australia. Patisse is the only one we went to, though I think I would be the person that would be at High Tea all the time if it were available in my area.Continue reading

Oct 26

Hula Grill Island Breakfast

By Sharon | Travel

20111026-140340.jpgWe started our day with a sunrise walk in the waves hitting the beach. Okay I walked and Ken ran. Bare feet in warm, soft sand seems to work up an appetite.

Breakfast on Tuesday morning was at the Hula Grill on the beach in Waikiki. The sun was up, the surfers and paddle boarders were out catching the small waves coming in. It’s a very relaxing way to enjoy any morning on the beach.

We specifically hunted down a restaurant that served the Hawaiian Sweet Bread French Toast as it’s one of my favorite breakfasts and the only way I get Hawaiian Sweet Bread back in Texas is to make it. I was not disappointed, the French Toast was cooked perfectly and served with fresh island strawberries.

20111026-140406.jpgKen ordered the most unusual dish of Hula Eggs Benedict and Seared Peppered Ahi with wasabi hollandaise. The Ahi was seared perfectly with juicy pink inside lightly browned outside. The seasoning was perfect, the homestyle potatoes were tender and seasoned well.

Breakfast was a great start to our first full day on the island. Later in the day we had massages at the Westin Moana Lani Spa.