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Jan 31

Your Ovens Best Friend and How to Keep it Warm

By Sharon | Tips , Tools

Oven Thermometer.jpgI get a lot of questions about how to set the temperature and how to work ovens. Every oven is different. I’ve lived in many places in the US and used a variety of ovens. I’ve even used them in other countries while on vacation.

First, if you have a manual for your oven take a look at it. Some of them even come with recipes, see what they say to do for a recipe. If you don’t have the manual do a search online for a manual or specific instructions on your model. These days with the internet you can find instructions for almost anything.Continue reading

Apr 13

Experimental Sunday – Strawberry Marshmallow Peeps

By Sharon | Recipes , Tips , Tools

Just in time for Easter fresh Marshmallow Baby Chicks. I’m not a big marshmallow person but I used to always eat those store bought Peeps until I was overloaded on sugar. For years I have heard how delicious homemade marshmallows are so with 3 grandchildren I thought I would give them a special treat and make the little chicks for them. I scoured web pages and got hints on how to work with the sticky, gooey mess once you had it made and then went into the kitchen with my very helpful husband and gave it a whirl. This is my test run so I could prepare the blog article before Easter and perfect the process for presenting to the kids.Continue reading

Apr 09

Portuguese Sweet Bread

By Sharon | Recipes , Tips , Tools

I love this sweet bread recipe.  It makes a moist, soft bread that’s good for regular toast or french toast.  When I cut up my loaves and have the end pieces or extra slices that get a little stale I cut them into cubes and pop them in the freezer.  When I get a nice sized bag of them I make bread pudding.  Of course you can do it with the fresh bread if you can’t wait to get a bag full.Continue reading

Mar 25

My Lovely New Kitchen Scale!

By Sharon | Recipes , Tools

I love my new kitchen scale.  I’ve used one for a long time but it wasn’t digital. So my request for Christmas was a good digital scale that did pounds, ounces and grams.

I find a lot of recipes that use the metric measurements. I used to avoid them because it took so long to look up the conversion on the web or for my cookbook software to do it for me.

This has to be the best tool in my kitchen. I have the Escali 136DK Alimento Stainless-Steel Top Scale from Amazon. It’s a reasonable price and ships free.  It has a 13 pound capacity so I can put my big mixer bowl on it, hit the Tare button and then add my ingredients.Continue reading

Feb 27

Experimental Sunday – Oat and Apple Fritters

By Sharon | Recipes , Tips , Tools

I’m trying to get more oats in my diet and working on creating recipes that will add pizazz to my morning breakfast.  I will admit that I am a fan of donuts.  I like those little fried puffs of flour filled with lemon and raspberry.  I’d hate to read the actual ingredients.  Of course, with everything I eat these days I try to find a way to eat the foods I have a weakness for and still be nutritious.

I was thinking about making donuts using oat flour and how that would work.  My daughter said perhaps I could make them like an apple fritter instead.  For a person that doesn’t bake she has good ideas.  These are good and you may be able to get your kids to eat them if they think they’re like a donut.  My 8 year-old grandson liked them but he eats foods a lot of kids won’t.  He wants to grow up to be a chef and is learning now alongside me.Continue reading