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Mar 20

Dairy Industry to Deceive Consumer on Milk Ingredients

By Sharon | Review

The Dairy Industry has a petition in to the FDA to change the labeling guidelines regarding milk products that include Aspartame. In specific, instead of needing to label such milk products such as “Sugar Free Chocolate Milk” it would simply state on the label “Chocolate Milk”. This is deceptive marketing at it’s worst as it creates a barrier for the consumer to easily identify products that contain alternative sweeteners. The FDA has over 90 documented symptoms of Aspartame toxicity that include such things as headaches, migraines, weight gain(!), abdominal pain and depression.
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Jan 04

Fresh Pasta Dinner from Taylor Square Market in Sydney

By Sharon | Review

Our first morning in Sydney, October 28, 2011, we walked to the Sydney Sustainable Markets @ Taylor Square to see what we could find to fix food in our rental unit for the week.  There were some nice vendors out and we sampled many items.

We came home with a good selection of fresh, organic foods to help us through the week.  I have to say the eggs in Australia don’t have yellow yolks, they’re orange.  I wish I would have gotten a picture because here the yolks are usually a pale yellow.Continue reading

Dec 14

Pre-theater Dinner at Aria in Sydney

By Sharon | Review

As many of you know, we are great fans of Masterchef Australia. As we’ve been watching the show we loved all the restaurants we saw and learned about. Many of the chefs greatly inspire us to go into our own kitchen and try new things. When we were planning our vacation to Australia we now had the added perk of knowing of some fantastic places to dine.

Matt Moran has been one of the most inspirational chefs and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dine at Aria in Sydney. We inquired when we were making our reservations if Matt would be there so we could chat with him but unfortunately he was busy doing the Good Food and Wine Show in Brisbane. This ended up being a plus for us because we got tickets for the show and had a brief chat with Matt, bought one of his cookbooks and got to see him on stage.Continue reading

Nov 24

High Tea at Patisse in Sydney

By Sharon | Review , Travel

High Tea at Patisse is the last Sunday of each month. Even though I was late in booking my reservation and the web page said they were full, we were fortunate enough to get reservations for Sunday, October 30. We’ve watched Executive Chef Vincent Gadan on Masterchef Australia and the desserts he made were beautiful and sounded so delicious that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go for tea.

Now this isn’t your usual British High Tea with scones and cucumber and egg salad sandwiches. This was a hearty High Tea and I left feeling stuffed and very satisfied. I’m wondering now if this is the way of High Tea in Australia. Patisse is the only one we went to, though I think I would be the person that would be at High Tea all the time if it were available in my area.Continue reading

Oct 28

Chibo Okonomiyaki House 5-course Dinner

By Sharon | Review

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake made with cabbage, eggs, seafood, meats and lots of great seasonings. In Japan you can go into tiny places and they bring you the ingredients and you cook them right on a grill at your table. There are also nice restaurants that serve a fancier sort of Okonomiyaki.

A little more than two years ago when we stayed in Waikiki for the first time we went to Chibo for dinner and loved it. We returned last night for dinner. Dinner was cooked on flat grills right in front of you. We ordered from a menu that included five courses and was prepared by the assistant executive chef. He adjusted our choices for Ken to have only seafood, substituting scallops for the beef part of the meal
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