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Oct 06

It’s Fall When the Pumpkins Appear

By Sharon | Recipes

You know it’s Fall when you start to see the amazing varieties of pumpkins appear at the store.  Even in Austin when ours were showing up while the temperatures were still hitting 100+ a day you immediately thought of beautiful Fall days. Usually, I only make pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and most of the time […]

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Jul 26

Blackberry, Ginger and Mint Drink

By Sharon | Recipes , Tips

The combination of blackberry, ginger and mint are cool and refreshing on a hot summer day. This is more of a suggestion of how to combine the components to make this into a drink to your favorite taste of the different elements.  I’m sure mine comes out different every time. I used the freeze-dried blackberry […]

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Jun 27

Orange-Ginger Curd

By Sharon | Recipes

I used this curd in two recipes; to fill my Cocoa Spice Cake and my Pistachio Macarons. I was also thinking it would be good in a tart shell with a thin layer of dark chocolate ganache at the bottom and some whipped mascarpone cream on top. This was my non-dairy alternative to a cream […]

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