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Nov 25

Cooking with Kids – Sugar Cookies

By Sharon | Recipes , Tips

It’s great to get your kids cooking in the kitchen and Sugar Cookies for the holidays are ideal because the kids love to decorate them as much as eat them.  I have a recipe I think makes the best sugar cookie and it’s easy to work with.  Even though this recipe works fine with non-organic […]

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Nov 23

Cranberry Ginger Quick Bread

By Sharon | Recipes

Ginger is one of my favorite flavors in food and I find ways to mix it into all kinds of sweet and savory dishes. The most common benefit of ginger is for nausea; whether it’s morning sickness, motion sickness or any other cause. There are also studies that show it’s beneficial for cancer and many […]

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Nov 21

Organic Foods in Baking

By Sharon | Tips

I  recently began to change all my baking items over to Organic because everything I read told of how bad all foods grown with pesticides, chemicals and hormones were for you.  I had already avoided a lot of meats because of the hormones for many years.  As time goes on I get more and more […]

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