I’m an advocate of No Shortcuts in baking. I think bakery items should come from fresh fruits, frozen works, but definitely not canned to fill a pastry. I want the pastries to be made fresh, not opened from a package and cakes, cookies and muffins should use high quality flours and sugars and real butter, etc. No artificial or imitation anything.  I want to do away with all the chemicals and preservatives that come in anything you buy pre-made. My goal is to use organic ingredients whenever available.

To start off with, I love to eat good pastries. I’m a pie, danish and cinnamon roll person. I’m also very fond of muffins. I’m not very big on cake or frosting but lots of people ask me to make them for them.

I hate to eat foods that are over processed or have preservatives and artificial ingredients in them. One day I started talking to owners of bakeries. There was a little bakery that had just opened in Hilo, Hawai’i and she carried just a few things.  I learned that they don’t make their own puff pastry for danish pastries. They get them delivered from a supplier. And they get their fillings in cans, not from fresh fruit prepared by them.  It was so disappointing because I think there’s a big difference in the flavor.

It’s easier than you think to make these fresh items and I’m going to share with you some of my ideas and processes on the whole matter.  My goal is to take the scary part out of home baking, make it fun and easy.

We have recently moved back to Southern California and are working on getting settled. I’d like to focus on getting my cookbook finished.  I need to test and photograph all my baked goods.  Along with that comes getting the recipes on my web page to be user friendly for everyone.

My next goal is to find a way to teach people to bake in person, not just by looking at the recipes and descriptions.  I’d love to have a little place where I can teach children simple baking techniques and get them to grow up loving baking their own foods.  A real hands-on environment where each student gets to do an entire recipe on their own.