5 Crazy Reasons I Haven’t Written a Post

By Sharon | Happenings

May 31

Its not that I’m lazy.  Nor have I been ignoring my cooking.  I’ve been in the kitchen creating, just not writing.

It’s a lot of trial and error to create a new recipe.  Once I have an idea in my head of something I wanted to bake I had to work out all the details.  I mull things over in my head for days and weeks and make notes on what I want to do.  I write strange things on the white board in my kitchen until the whole idea gels.

So, reason one is that I’ve been working on the recipes.

This leads to reason two.  We take pictures, we eat the yummy food I made.  Or perhaps it’s a failure and goes back to the drawing board for changes.  And it just doesn’t get blogged about.  I have loads of pictures and recipes to finalize the instructions on.

Reason three is a bigger one.  I’m trying to lose weight and get into shape.  My cholesterol is a little high and you know how I love to cook with butter!  This tiny apartment has created a tough environment for me to get exercise on a daily basis.  I miss my garden to work in and neighborhood of friendly people and nice weather to walk in.

The fourth reason is vacations.  After 3 weeks in Australia last fall the holidays hit full force and kept us very busy.  Then there were two more out of town trips and lots of changes in our lives.

I’m not just making excuses here.  The fifth and top reason I haven’t been posting is that we’re moving.  Not just across town.  We’re leaving Austin and returning to the San Diego area to live.  Along with traveling to make decisions on the new house that’s under construction we’ve started packing.

Maybe my reasons aren’t so crazy after all.  Or perhaps I’m just trying to validate the fact that I haven’t written anything in months.  But the moving company is coming two weeks from today and I still have loads to pack.

I also have food in my freezer and cupboards that needs to be used up or given away.  Today I’m using up frozen pumpkin, frozen cranberries, flour, sugar and spices.  I’ve made a double recipe of Pumpkin Cranberry Spice Muffins.  Since I need to give some of them away and use up ingredients, I turned part of the batter into mini-loaves.