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Jan 06

Ovens – Temperature and Rack Placement for Perfect Baking

By Sharon | Tips

Learning how to use your oven correctly is more than half the battle in making perfect baked items.  There are a lot of different ovens on the market. And temperature settings vary based on what system of oven heating your oven has.

I have a common electric oven.  Even when I’ve had a gas cook top my oven was separate and electric.  But gas ovens are still pretty common, my daughter has gas for her oven.  Here are some tips for ensuring your oven is set and heated properly.Continue reading

Jan 04

Fresh Pasta Dinner from Taylor Square Market in Sydney

By Sharon | Review

Our first morning in Sydney, October 28, 2011, we walked to the Sydney Sustainable Markets @ Taylor Square to see what we could find to fix food in our rental unit for the week.  There were some nice vendors out and we sampled many items.

We came home with a good selection of fresh, organic foods to help us through the week.  I have to say the eggs in Australia don’t have yellow yolks, they’re orange.  I wish I would have gotten a picture because here the yolks are usually a pale yellow.Continue reading