Fantastic Cookie Cakes in Houston

By Sharon | Review

Oct 03

We attended the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show in Houston on September 17, 2011 and found this gem tucked into the back of the show.  Fortunately, we decided to start with the back row and head towards the front so that we weren’t in line with all the other people entering.  This gave us an advantage to talk to Michael Savino the owner of Michael’s Cookie Jar.

Not only are his cookies beautiful they are made with all natural ingredients and taste fantastic.  These cookie cakes are great for a special occasion.  I asked Michael some questions to appease my curiosity and thought it would be great to share with you.

The smallest cookie cake you can get is four tiers and takes approximately 210 cookies.  The largest  cookie cake is nine tiers and has approximately 850 cookies.  It’s about 24-inches tall.  It’s an assortment of small stacked cookies and decorated facing cookies.  You can have cookies made for any event and in just about any design.  For a business function you can have your logo on the facing cookies.

Now, the cookies are not glued in place so it must be assembled on-site since it cannot be transported with all the layers assembled.  After all the cookies are baked and decorated the nine-tier cake takes about one and one-half hours to assemble on-site.  Pricing ranges from $175 to $660 and for the beautiful and delicious cookie cake you get to make your event special I think this is a great deal.

If you’re not lucky enough to live where you can order one of these to be assembled for your event or are just having a small party, Michael’s Cookie Jar will ship cookies to you.

To see more images of these fantastic cookie cakes go to Michael’s Cookie Jar Facebook Photo Album and browse through the photos.