Monthly Archives: September 2011

Sep 15

The Chocolate Mystery

By Sharon | Research

I’ve been working on Red Velvet Cake and attempting to find out if, and where, the red color originally came from. In my research I also found that Devil’s Food Cake was named because of the red color that came from the cocoa powder.

So, I set out to find this red cocoa. I found out that the cocoa powder turns red as a part of the alkalizing process. Alkalizing also reduces the bitterness of the chocolate.

In this photo the cake on the right is made with a Garnet cocoa powder.

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Sep 04

Brioche is Yummy for Many Things

By Sharon | Happenings

I saw this idea for a Coconut Bread Pudding that was made with Brioche and it sounded really yummy.  In order to make it I had to make a Brioche recipe so I opened my trusty Williams Sonoma cookbook.

This dough was a huge sticky mess to work with and I stopped adding flour after an additional cup more than the recipe called for because I was worried I’d dry out my recipe and alter it too much.  When I scraped it into the buttered bowl to raise it was more like a thick batter than a smooth bread dough.

I refrigerated it overnight and buttered my hands well to make semi-ball shapes for baking.  It came out great.  It was a smooth, light bread with just the right amount of egg and butter flavor.

I did eight buns for burgers and one loaf of bread.  We used a couple of the buns for Salmon Burgers and froze the rest.  It was a great combination.

Unfortunately I didn’t count on eating the whole loaf for my breakfast toast before I could make the Coconut Bread Pudding.  I’ll have to do it again.