A Few Words About Wordless Wednesday Posts

By Sharon | Wordless Wednesday

Aug 10

I decided to use Wordless Wednesday to post pictures of the dishes that are created in my kitchen that just come from combining ingredients and techniques and don’t really have a recipe, just some experimentation.  My husband, Ken, is wonderful in the kitchen and most of these come from his efforts.  But I have to tell you, when he first started fixing dinner I would get the same old things like Black Bean Burritos with the beans out of a can. I’m not saying his food was bad, just boring.

I do the best that I can to prepare meals ahead of time and have them in the freezer so dinner is easy to make. We have canned Black Beans, canned pasta sauce, canned Mexican sauce and frozen items like homemade ravioli and Shepard’s Pies.

After a busy day, neither one of us wants to spend our evening in the kitchen.  So, now when it’s time to fix dinner Ken will go in the kitchen and put a beautiful meal together.  We have to give a lot of credit to Masterchef Australia.  We get the show to watch and we have both learned so much and are expanding out cooking skills and flavor combinations.  It is the most positive and and inspirational cooking show I have ever watched.  The U.S. version of this show doesn’t hold a candle to watching the Australian version so don’t even try to judge it based on that.

So, enjoy the photos.  Take inspiration from what you see and go out in the kitchen and have fun.  If something really turns out horrid you can always order a pizza!