Sour Cherry Almond Muffins

By Sharon | Happenings

Aug 07

Summer in Texas has been super hot, as with a great deal of the rest of the country, and it’s been tough to motivate myself to go in the kitchen and cook.

But I like to keep a supply of muffins in my freezer so I can pop them in the oven and bake them fresh for breakfast some mornings.

My husband really likes cherry so I worked on a batch of these.  I’ve been working with the Almond Meal, or Almond Flour, when making my Macarons and thought maybe it would be a good addition to my basic cherry muffin recipe.  The Almond Meal gives the muffin a soft crumbly texture.

I used frozen cherries this time.  They’re harder to work with and not as nice and firm, or flavorful, as fresh cherries.  I used to get small, fresh sour cherries for about a month in New Hampshire but I’ve never seen them here.  Cherry trees require a certain amount of cold to produce fruit so I’m probably in too warm of a climate zone for a lot of production.  You can buy sour pie cherries in the pie filling section of the grocery store.  Read the label and get just the cherries in juice.

This Sour Cherry Muffin Recipe uses the Muffin Method of mixing and can easily done with your kids.

This is the premier of our new editing and posting of recipes.  Please, give me feedback on how you like the look and feel of the recipes.  We have more updates coming to make it better.