Monthly Archives: June 2011

Jun 06

Cranberry Ginger Scones

By Sharon | Recipes

These flaky scones filled with dried cranberries and crystallized ginger give a great start to a day or a nice break in the afternoon with a cup of tea. The trick to making a good scone is to have cold butter and work quickly.  Just pull the dough together, don’t knead it.  I usually press […]

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Jun 01

Strawberry Angel Food Cake

By Sharon | Recipes , Tips

Fresh strawberries are in season and there’s nothing better than a nice light dessert of strawberry shortcake.  I often use Angel Food Cake for my Strawberry Shortcake because it goes so well with the fresh taste of strawberries. Flavoring an Angel Food Cake can be tricky because you don’t want anything that will flatten the […]

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