Super Mario Mega Mushroom Cake and Cupcakes

By Sharon | Specialty Cakes

Jun 09

When my grandson was having his 8th birthday he said he just wanted cupcakes. His party theme was Super Mario. We thought it would be fun to make a cake in the shape of one of the mushrooms from the games. He agreed that the cake would be for the family birthday and the cupcakes and a giant cookie for the kids party.

Over the years we found that kids don’t really like cakes at parties and eat the frosting or take a bite or two and are done. The giant cookie has always gone over really well. At Nicholas’ request we studied all the Mario Wii games and their books and collected pictures of the items in each. The cupcakes were decorated with gum paste figures for all the ones we thought we could tackle. Using gum paste does go against my idea of natural ingredients but I haven’t figured out how to do it in something else yet. Maybe next year.

We started by baking 3 cake shapes; one large one in a metal mixing bowl, one 8-inch cake pan, and for the bottom piece I used my bottom of my large cupcake pan.

Before we started any decorating we had to shape the cake. We placed all the pieces together to carve. Since this cake sits at an angle on top of the mushroom stem we left the stem portion in it’s cylinder shape, carving out a basic circle. Then we took the 8-inch layer and carved the angle into it shaping the area until there was a fitted angle to set on top of the mushroom stem. It’s important to do it this way because if you carve the mushroom stem at an angle and place the cake on top it will slide off when frosted and decorated.

We moved the mushroom cap to the top of a dish and put it on a lazy susan for frosting. Each layer was filled with a Raspberry Mousse and frosted with an Italian Meringue Buttercream. Fill the layer to about one-half inch from the edge and them pipe a supportive layer of buttercream around the edge before putting the next layer on top.

After putting the layers together use a large tip to pipe frosting on the entire cake.

The mushroom stem had a layer of frosting and the filling on the top. It was then placed in the refrigerator.

After the frosting was applied we got it as smooth as possible. It was then placed in the refrigerator to set. This is necessary to keep the frosting firm and in place when applying the fondant.

After the stem and cap of the mushroom have set in the refrigerator we applied the fondant to the stem of the mushroom and then placed the cap on top. A large piece of yellow fondant was rolled and applied to the mushroom cap.

Lay the fondant over the cake from the center and quickly but lightly press down to avoid the fondant stretching out. Then gently smooth the fondant in place. We rolled a ribbon of fondant and placed it on the bottom edge of the mushroom cap to clean up that edge and make it look neat. Eyes were cut out and applied to the front of the cake.

The finished cake with the birthday boy!

Each cupcake character was created by my husband using gum paste. He does a wonderful job of carving and detailing and is the person I turn to for the detailing work in my decorating.

For more images and descriptions you can go to the No Shortcuts Facebook Album.

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