My Lovely New Kitchen Scale!

By Sharon | Recipes

Mar 25

I love my new kitchen scale.  I’ve used one for a long time but it wasn’t digital. So my request for Christmas was a good digital scale that did pounds, ounces and grams.

I find a lot of recipes that use the metric measurements. I used to avoid them because it took so long to look up the conversion on the web or for my cookbook software to do it for me.

This has to be the best tool in my kitchen. I have the Escali 136DK Alimento Stainless-Steel Top Scale from Amazon. It’s a reasonable price and ships free.  It has a 13 pound capacity so I can put my big mixer bowl on it, hit the Tare button and then add my ingredients.

The best thing this scale is good for is macarons. You get the correct measurements for the almond meal, powdered sugar and egg whites and it’s so important in these recipes.

Butter is a great thing to use this scale for.  Sometimes I get butter in a pound block so finding a few tablespoons and cutting it off correctly can be hit or miss. Just put the bowl on the scale, hit the Tare button and bring it to the right weight; ounces and grams. For creaming butter and sugar, hit the Tare button again to zero it out and weigh your sugar in the same bowl. No measuring cup needed.

Same thing with the dry ingredients. You can measure them all out in one bowl and then put them through the sifter. Now I don’t have to search for clean measuring cups either.

I am working on converting all my recipes from cups only to include ounces and grams. It’s a big project and I’ll go back to all my previous and update the recipes eventually. For sure when my cookbook comes out everything will be in there.

The goal of the digital cookbook will be to select what measurement units you want to see and see only them.  Also, I want the user to be able to use the same cookbook on there Desktop, Laptop, iPad or iPhone.  Currently, I have to take my iMac recipes and save them as a .pdf, then put them where I can pull them up to use on the other devices. Luckily, I am a former software engineer and my ever supportive husband is a major geek software engineer.