Caitlin’s 1st Birthday – Minnie Mouse Cupcake

By Sharon | Specialty Cakes

Mar 11

Caitlin is my granddaughter and for her first birthday my daughter found a project plan on the Michael’s online website.  I couldn’t even tell you what the one she saw looked like now but it inspired us to create this one in a Minnie Mouse theme.

The challenge with this one was stacking! I did put a dowel in there.  We had to transport the finished cake about 15 miles, on winter roads filled with potholes! I carried on my lap the entire way with a finger stuck on one of the fondant pieces.

We did a practice run on this cake since the party with guests was a few days after her actual birthday. We used the same techniques on both cakes.There was one cake made with the giant cupcake pan by Wilton.  My advice is to bake the top and bottom layers separately since they hold different amounts of cake batter.  There’s no way to get them both done at the same time.

There were smaller cupcakes made with the Wilton Multi-Cavity Cupcake pan.

I flattened the tops to get a level stack. If you look closely my cake leaned slightly so it was a good thing I had a dowel in there.

Caitlin Birthday Cake Practice Run

  • This was a chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and fondant decorations.
  • The practice run is just the single cupcake.
  • I bought the Wilton Ribbon Cutter/Embosser Set to cut the strips of wavy ribbon and long thin strips of fondant for the curlicues.
  • Each curlicue is a thin strip of fondant wrapped around a chop stick and left to set but not get too dry.
  • The bow pieces were formed from a wavy ribbon cut and folded over to set slightly before adding to the top of the cake.
  • While the curlicue and ribbon pieces are still flexible but set enough not to collapse just start sticking them to the middle of the cake.
  • You can wet the fondant to stick fondant pieces together.
  • The plastic Minnie Mouse on the top nicely covers the middle of the bow.
  • The Mickey Mouse heads were a challenge.  They needed to be small. We found an assortment of buttons in the scrap-booking aisle. My daughter spent hours cutting those little shapes around the buttons.
  • The stars on the middle tier of the cake were cut by hand around a star shape found in the little wood section of the store for wood projects.

Caitlin Eating Cake

Caitlin greatly enjoyed eating her 1st Birthday cake. She loved the little curlicues. After they set they get crunchy.

Mini-cake by Nicholas

My grandson Nicholas (7) took a cupcake and all the leftover pieces of cut fondant and decorated it.  I loved the way he stuck the dried stars and Mickey heads in the cake at an angle instead of flat against the cake.

I guess I should have let him help with the big cake! He says he’s going to be a chef some day.

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