The Freeze-Dried Fruit Powder Challenge

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Mar 01

I have a challenge for you to create your own recipe using freeze-dried fruit powders.  Post a comment on my blog stating what you would make and what flavor you would use.  As a little extra incentive, the best idea (or ideas) will receive samples to try and a No Shortcuts coffee mug.  Keep reading for all the details.

There were recipes on Masterchef Australia that used beetroot powder and it intrigued me.  They used it in a macaron and at the time I thought it was an odd flavor for a cookie.  Honestly, if you have the ability to get this show it’s incredible to watch.  They have inspired me to cook things I’d never dreamed of.

Anyway, somehow this got me looking for fruit powders.  I couldn’t tell you how, I wake up in the mornings with the most bizarre ideas.  Amazon sells them, but it’s a large quantity for me to buy for an experiment.

After searching local specialty stores and other stores online, I thought I’d try going directly to the producers and found the Scenic Fruit Company selling under the Nutri-Fruit brand.  They were kind enough to send me sample size packets.  One packet works well in an average recipe of macarons, buttercream, or Crème Brûlée.  I have ideas for more uses and will be trying them out. I am now a loyal customer.

Nutri-Fruit is a freeze-dried fruit powder that brings to you the powerful array of health benefits that research has proven to be available in delicious berries. The company is committed to providing their customers 100% pure berry products containing no additives.

With an equivalent of 1/3 to 1/2 cup of fresh berries in every tablespoon, Nutri-Fruit powders provide a unique nutritional inventory of antioxidants and naturally occurring vitamins.  Not only can these powders be added to a smoothie for extra nutrition you can add them to many of your recipes for a great punch of flavor without unbalancing the other ingredients and the outcome.

You can find a list of all the powders and benefits of each on the Nutri-Fruit web site.  You can also order directly from them.

Get Excited! Get Creative! Have some Fun in the Kitchen! This challenge will end on March 31, 2011.  If you win, when you complete your recipe using the freeze-dried fruit powder, send me a picture and the recipe and I’ll post it on the blog!


Submit your ideas as a comment to this posting on my website between now and March 31, 2011.  The winner will be announced on or before April 10, 2011.  You can submit as many different ideas as you want!  No entries will be accepted after March 31, 2011.  I will select the most interesting sounding entry or entries from the submissions.  All decisions are final and at my sole discretion.    You must supply a valid e-mail address at the time your comment is posted.  Winner(s) will be contacted via e-mail for a mailing address to receive your gift.  Your personal information will be kept private, as described in the Privacy Policy.  Limit of one gift per person, regardless of the number of entries.  Duplicate ideas (as determined by me) are not eligible; only the first submission of an idea is eligible to win.  This challenge is available to any where in the world we can ship via U.S. Postal Service and where not otherwise prohibited by local laws or regulations.

Contest Winners Announcement

I’ve selected the most intriguing comments for using the freeze-dried fruit powders and will be sending a selection of samples and a No Shortcuts Natural Ingredients coffee mug or tote bag to each winner.  If you’re listed here and did not receive an email from me please check your spam and contact me via the contact page.  I will need to collect mailing addresses and prize selections from each of you.

My top choice was Elaine with her idea for a Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar Reduction.  I would love to have the recipe to post when she gets it figured out.

Angel’s suggestion for adding to lemonade or adding to soda water is a great idea. This could give kids a nice treat without all the sugar and additives in regular sodas.

Janice’s suggestion for the gelatin. I’ve read the boxes and there’s nothing of any real fruit flavor and a bunch of really bad ingredients in the store bought Jello.

Lynn’s suggestion for using in her baking for people with allergies.

I think all the ideas were great!  For Cara, Kimberly and Christine I will send you packets of the Nutri-Fruit to try.  They were very generous in providing the samples for this contest. I would love for everyone to share their recipes and photos.

If anyone needs help working out a recipe, please feel free to send me an email.

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