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Mar 28

Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting

By Sharon | Recipes , Tips

For Caitlin’s 2nd birthday cake I made a cake and cream cheese frosting flavored with the Strawberry Freeze-Dried Fruit Powder.  You can see the finished product on my Minnie Mouse Trouble – Caitlin’s 2nd Birthday blog post.

This picture shows just how much she loves Minnie Mouse!

The cream cheese frosting flavored with the fruit powder was fantastic!  My daughter said she felt like she was eating fresh strawberry short cake.

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Mar 28

Minnie Mouse Trouble – Caitlin’s 2nd Birthday

By Sharon | Recipes , Specialty Cakes , Tips

It’s Caitlin’s 2nd birthday and she still thinks Minnie Mouse is the best thing in the world. Only this year she’s into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and repeats everything she sees. Of course the fact that we bought her a huge Minnie Mouse stuffed animal at Disney for hear 1st birthday that she takes everywhere with her could have something to do with the attachment.

I originally was going to make sugar cookies with my Mickey cutter and decorate them as Toodles from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but as time grew closer I had this image of a 3-dimensional Minnie cake. Ken and I started talking about it and I was just always designing it in the back of my mind.  We got what we needed to make this cake and knew we had all week to work out the details and make it.Continue reading

Mar 25

My Lovely New Kitchen Scale!

By Sharon | Recipes , Tools

I love my new kitchen scale.  I’ve used one for a long time but it wasn’t digital. So my request for Christmas was a good digital scale that did pounds, ounces and grams.

I find a lot of recipes that use the metric measurements. I used to avoid them because it took so long to look up the conversion on the web or for my cookbook software to do it for me.

This has to be the best tool in my kitchen. I have the Escali 136DK Alimento Stainless-Steel Top Scale from Amazon. It’s a reasonable price and ships free.  It has a 13 pound capacity so I can put my big mixer bowl on it, hit the Tare button and then add my ingredients.Continue reading

Mar 21

Oatmeal Maple Muffins with Golden Raisins

By Sharon | Recipes

As I was thinking of what I could cook for a competition requiring flour and maple syrup I thought of all my favorite foods.  This had to be an original recipe and significantly different than other published recipes.  This caused me great complications as baking things like muffins, cookies, and such require a certain ratio of dry, wet, egg and flour to work properly.  How was I ever going to come up with a significantly different recipe.  Continue reading

Mar 16

Sticky Toffee Pudding

By Sharon | Recipes , Tips

I went to Ireland for the first time in 2005.  We traveled from Dublin to Shannon, staying in bed and breakfasts and mostly towards the coastal parts.  We did not see nearly enough and we ate so much food.  The one thing that appeared at almost every pub for dinner was Sticky Toffee Pudding.  Just the sound made me order it the first time.  I loved it and ordered it again every chance I got.  Even with all the walking I think I gained weight on that vacation.Continue reading