The Benefits of an All Natural Unprocessed Diet

By Sharon | Tips

Feb 17

Hilo Farmers Market

I suffer from migraines.  Not just those headaches that won’t seem to go away for a few days.  I get the full-blown eye splitting, ear shattering, head over the toilet migraine.  I got a few as a child, my mother had them and went to bed for days.  As I got older they got worse, everything seemed to cause them.  I’ve worn doctors out trying to figure out the cause and treat them.  It’s not an occasional migraine, it’s 15 days a month.  Not only are they painful, they destroy your life.  Making plans to do anything is impossible, buying tickets for shows, committing to anything at all.

I used to take a lot of trips to the emergency room for pain medication until in 2006 a doctor at Dartmouth provided me medication I could have at home that would stop the migraine.  It would also drug me up so that I slept one day and the next I was just achy and miserable.

We moved to Hawai’i in January 2008 and almost everything we ate was fresh food.  Not that I didn’t have a fairly home cooked diet before that.  But now, nothing came out of a box, a can or prepackaged.  There was a fresh market and groceries that were prepackaged were expensive and destroyed the environment.

We shopped at the Hilo Farmer’s Market for almost all our food needs. The trip to Costco was 2 1/2 hours and made about every 3 months.

After several months of eating all the fresh foods I noticed my headaches weren’t as bad.  We also lived in an area where we didn’t need heat or air conditioning and left our windows open all the time.  Our water was filtered from rain water in our own home so no chemicals added to that either.  It was nice not to wake up without a headache every morning.  I lived in a controlled environment.

Everyone’s migraines are triggered by different things; lights, foods, sounds.  Changing how you eat is one way you can control things.

I live in Austin now and am exposed to more harmful elements in my environment.  Tap water tastes like poison it has so much crap in it.  We recently did a Taste of Austin night where we tried foods from many different restaurants.  The food was good, the extremely severe migraine that lasted 3 days even with medication was horrible.

I encourage you to consider the foods you eat and avoid purchasing items at the store that have a list of ingredients you don’t understand.  And Farmers Markets are popping up everywhere these days so check those out too for good quality produce.  You may find yourself feeling better without all the chemicals in your body, even if you’re already in good health.

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