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Nov 25

Cooking with Kids – Sugar Cookies

By Sharon | Recipes , Tips

Plate of Sprinkled Sugar Cookies

It’s great to get your kids cooking in the kitchen and Sugar Cookies for the holidays are ideal because the kids love to decorate them as much as eat them.  I have a recipe I think makes the best sugar cookie and it’s easy to work with.  Even though this recipe works fine with non-organic I use almost all organic ingredients.  The sprinkles are harder to find in the holiday colors. I’ll write the recipe with young cooks in mind so that it’s easy for them to follow.  And for the holidays we’ll use some decorative cookie cutters.

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Nov 23

Cranberry Ginger Quick Bread

By Sharon | Recipes

Cranberry Ginger Quick Bread

Ginger is one of my favorite flavors in food and I find ways to mix it into all kinds of sweet and savory dishes. The most common benefit of ginger is for nausea; whether it’s morning sickness, motion sickness or any other cause. There are also studies that show it’s beneficial for cancer and many other remedies.

The combination of the ginger and cranberry in this quick bread makes a delicious flavor of tart and spicy.  Each bite is a different texture and flavor in your mouth. This makes a great holiday bread for breakfast or dinner.  I used dried cranberries but you can chop fresh cranberries and use them instead.

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Nov 21

Organic Foods in Baking

By Sharon | Tips

I  recently began to change all my baking items over to Organic because everything I read told of how bad all foods grown with pesticides, chemicals and hormones were for you.  I had already avoided a lot of meats because of the hormones for many years.  As time goes on I get more and more particular about buying organic only.  Your health is greatly affected by what you put into your body and children are at a greater risk from all the chemicals and hormones in our foods.  Their bodies are so much smaller than adults and it’s harder for them to process all the bad stuff.

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Nov 04

Muffins – Addicting Tools and Time Saving Tips

By Sharon | Tips , Tools

Pear-Ginger Muffins and Berries

I make a lot of muffins. They can make an easy and healthy breakfast that can include fruits and vegetables. Kids think of them like cupcakes and will eat them when they won’t eat other foods. I’m working now on cutting some of the sugar in most of the muffin recipes I use. I’ll include recipes I have success with as I go along.Continue reading

Nov 02

Taking the Fear Out of Baking – Basic Tools

By Sharon | Tools

A lot of people I talk to tell me they love to cook but they can’t bake. Their biggest reason is that you have to measure exactly to bake and cooking a meal you can just throw things in. Measuring is important in baking but you don’t have to be as exact as people make you feel.  I change recipes all the time and they still come out.

I’m going to give you some tips to remove that fear. Think about something you buy in a box and go home and make. Let’s take brownies for example. If you read the list of ingredients on that box there’s a lot of stuff that’s not natural.  Making them from a few ingredients gives you control of what goes in your food.  They’re still loaded with all the fat and calories but you choose the quality ingredients and nothing more.Continue reading