Feb 02

Oatmeal Pancakes – A Quick Healthy Breakfast

By Sharon | Recipes

IMG_8399.JPGMany years ago, probably 30, I had a small paper cookbook with just oatmeal recipes. I think it was published by Quaker Oats.

I made these Oatmeal Pancakes for my parents when they were visiting one time and my father loved them. It was his job at the Sunday church pancake breakfasts to make the pancakes and he started to prepare these for about 50 people. They were a big hit and a nice change from the pancakes they usually made.

I lost that little book but managed to have my Oatmeal Pancake Recipe written down because my father asked me for it.  I enjoy oatmeal but not always as a bowl of hot cereal. We still make them on a fairly regular basis.

You can top them with maple syrup or fresh berries, or even add blueberries when you cook them. If you like add a little cinnamon to the recipe.

Jul 03

Caramel Buttercream Cake Inspired by Donna Hay

By Sharon | Happenings


I have two Foreign Exchange Students coming for the 2015 High School Year.

Victoria is from Norway and Carolin is from Germany. Hopefully we will get them to do some guest posts while they are here because they are interested in baking also.

We communicate a lot on text messages to get things all planned and ready for their arrival and school year. Last week while we chatted I was making this cake and I promised them a picture.

So, Victoria and Carolin this is for you!

I love Caramel! I love Donna Hay’s recipes. And she makes everything look so beautiful. This Caramel Butter Cream Cake came across in my Facebook feed and I was inspired to make it right away.

Mine is not as pretty as hers but was probably just as tasty. It’s a very sweet frosting and I suggest putting a thinner layer on and serving it with vanilla ice cream to help cut the sweetness.

Donna’s recipe makes a large cake. We were giving pieces of it away to the neighbors. So, if you’re just making it for a small family cut the recipe in half. You will still have a large cake. I refer to this as the 2 pound butter cake! You will see when you look at the ingredients.

But in the last week as I thought about this cake my mind went to things I could do to make the recipe more to my taste of not being so sweet. So keep an eye for my version in the near future.


Apr 15

Buddha’s Hand – A Funky Name for a Tasty Treat

By Sharon | How To


I’m sure you’ve all heard me say before that my husband is awesome. I don’t drive much, we only have one car so he stops for groceries after a long work day all the time. I sure wish they’d build a Whole Foods closer to home.

So to help out with the fruit and vegetable end we started to get a farm box delivered to our door. There are something’s things in it I don’t want or need and we have the ability to customize ours.
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Jan 31

Your Ovens Best Friend and How to Keep it Warm

By Sharon | Tips , Tools

Oven Thermometer.jpgI get a lot of questions about how to set the temperature and how to work ovens. Every oven is different. I’ve lived in many places in the US and used a variety of ovens. I’ve even used them in other countries while on vacation.

First, if you have a manual for your oven take a look at it. Some of them even come with recipes, see what they say to do for a recipe. If you don’t have the manual do a search online for a manual or specific instructions on your model. These days with the internet you can find instructions for almost anything.Continue reading

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